Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Kit

Credit Repair from The DoItYourselfStore is a proven credit repair system that can help turn bad credit into great credit. This time tested program provides clear, step-by-step instructions and information on how to repair, restore, and rebuild your credit--all the tips, techniques, and tactics you need to survive and thrive in today's credit system. Obtain your own credit report, remove negative marks that destroy credit, and positive credit indicators, negotiate with creditors, and build powerful credit. Includes sample letters and a complete explanation of applicable laws.

A partial listing of subjects covered:

  • How the credit bureaus work
  • How to measure your credit rating
  • Improving your creditworthiness
  • How to develop triple-A credit
  • Successfully borrowing from a bank
  • Obtaining credit
  • Comparing credit card terms
  • What your credit report discloses
  • 5 common reasons for credit denial
  • The 10-step strategy to repairing your credit
  • Gaining creditor cooperation
  • Turning around your bad credit rating
  • Tax liens and your credit rating
  • Bankruptcy, repossession, and foreclosure
  • 25 credit scams you must avoid
  • ...and much more!

Blank Forms include:

  • Request for Credit Report
  • Request for Free Credit Report
  • Complaint Letter to Delete Inaccurate Information
  • Request for Removal of Outdated Information
  • Request to Merge Inquiries with Account
  • Reminder to Respond
  • Demand for Corrected Credit Report
  • Addition of Consumer Statement
  • Request for Addition of Supplementary Credit References
  • Explanation for Delinquent Payment
  • Creditor Settlement Agreement
  • Request for Reasons for Credit Denial
  • Master Credit Data

The Credit Repair Kit provides full instructions and contains sample forms for correcting every type of credit problem. You can even use the Credit Repair Kit to improve the credit rating of your business.

Simple to use, this kit is for:

  • Anyone with any type of credit problem
  • Consumers with no credit history
  • Individuals who need to repair their bad credit
  • People starting out after bankruptcy
  • People who want to obtain credit or charge cards
  • Anyone who wants to obtain and evaluate their credit report