Face-Lift Machine

Now you can own the EXACT Same devise used by professional salons without the high cost!!

Your friends will accuse you of getting a face-lift!

The Face Gym is small enough to fit in your pocket but this device is very powerful.  It works on toning the facial muscles and needs to be used only few minutes a day. As we age our facial muscles weaken and sag.  We should apply the same principles to our face muscles as we do to our body, when going to the gym. The skin on our face is attached directly to the muscles. When gravity pulls face muscles down your skin starts sagging, no matter how expensive are the creams that you use. The good news is that these muscles are short and, if we are consistent, they can get back in shape pretty fast.


The muscle-stimulating facial exerciser can prevent skin sagginess and drooping. The increase in blood circulation will help restore natural skin color and re-activate skin cells. This will dramatically slow down the skin aging process. In few weeks your will notice the reduction of eye puffiness and dark circles, lifting of your eyebrows and decrease in wrinkle depth.


The bags under the eyes consist of fat and/or excess fluids. Even though the device does not address the fatty tissue, the electro stimulation allows draining of the excess liquid, which is the main reason for the appearance of under eye bags.


The device can also be used to tone neck or chin areas. By exercising and toning the supporting face muscles you can improve the shape of your face. It's not going to happen overnight, but if you are persistent, you will see the outstanding results.


Used every day or even 3-4 times a week for 5-10 minutes daily this little device can change your appearance. The adjustable intensity settings from 1 to 9 are specifically designed for different areas of your face, neck and chin.

What it does

Face Gym Machine electronically stimulates the muscles in your face. By firming and lifting your facial muscles you add youth and beauty to your face. Unlike cosmetic surgery, Facial muscle lifting provides a natural beauty that you can do yourself safe and affordably. By using Face Gym unit once a day you will notice a firming of your face and neck. A lifting of the cheeks and reduction of wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

Turn back aging on:
• Double Chin
• Eye bags
•Drooping Lip
• Neck Creases
• Facial Furrows
• Forehead Lines
• Crows’ Feet
• Creases Under Eyes
• Sagging Jaw line

What you Get

Included in your kit

-Facial Stimulation Unit-
-Electrode contact lotion-
-Instruction Book-
-Retail box-

Wipe away years and reveal the new you!!

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