Limited Liability Companies (LLC)


A limited liability company may be the best choice for your business if you want to combine the tax advantages of a partnership with the limited liability of a corporation.  A growing option for today's businesses, the LLC also protects personal assets while avoiding double taxation.  Determine if the LLC is right for you, and save thousands of dollars in operating and legal costs. 

A partial listing of subjects covered:

  • Is an LLC right for you?
  • Advantages of an LLC
  • Disadvantages of an LLC
  • General provisions of an LLC
  • Naming your LLC
  • Where to register your LLC
  • The foreign LLC
  • The Articles of Organization
  • The organizational meeting
  • The operating agreement
  • Tax status of the LLC
  • Characteristics of an LLC
  • Accounting and tax shelters
  • Specialized uses of the LLC
  • Asset protection techniques
  • The limited liability partnership
  • Why form an LLP?
  • Limited liability in the LLP
  • Forming your LLP

  • Converting your business to an LLC
  • Dissolving your LLC
  • LLC Registration and Operation Requirements and Departments of LLC Registration by State


Blank Forms Included:

  • Operating Agreement
  • Certificate of Amendment
  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Limited Liability Company Register of Members
  • Bill of Sale
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Assignment of Assets

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Limited Liability Kit includes step-by-step instructions, ready-to-use forms, and information you need to organize and operate your own business through a limited liability company valid in all states except Hawaii.

Simple to use, this Limited Liability Company Kit contains:

  • LLC Operating Agreement

  • LLC Minutes

  • LLC Certificate of Amendment

  • LLC Register of Members

  • All necessary state addresses and departmental phone numbers

  • Bill of Sale

  • Quitclaim Deed

  • Assignments of Assets

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