Mole Control

Preserve your precious garden and yard with this sonic pest repeller from the DoItYourselfHut. This waterproof unit is the chemical-free way to send moles, ground squirrels, gophers, shrews, mice and rats packing. No more divots, holes or tunnels to ruin your hard work. Just insert this battery-powered plastic tube into the ground and irritating sound waves and sonic ground vibrations are emitted every 15 seconds. Rodents will flee from your yard, sending them packing for happier hunting grounds.


Designed to repel moles, gophers, ground squirrels, pocket mice, and other burrowing creatures. Offers exclusive "Mow Over Design"! Plastic casing is lightweight, watertight and weather resistant Coverage: up to 7,500 sq. feet or 2743 sq. meters 400 Hz at 15 second intervals 16.4" x 1.7" - Weight 8.2 oz Uses two D batteries (not included) lasting approximately 4-6 months.  Easy battery replacement while mole control remains planted.  Reinforced aluminum design

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