Champion Mosquito Trap

The Champion of Traps. Not a Mosquito Repellent. Reduces Mosquito population.
-Plugs into any 110v outlet.
-No Assembly Required.

Non-Propane Electronic Mosquito Trap


-Body Temperature Control for Thermal Imaging Attraction
used in Mosquito Trap.
-Exclusive Blue Light Lure
fow Vaccum Fan Sucks in Mosquitos
-Refillable Booster Attractant Cartridges included in Mosquito Trap.
-Compact Decor Design.
-Does not require assembly.
-Protected Capture Cup.
-Proven Technology used in making of Mosquito Trap Champion.
-Protected Capture Cup for Easy Disposal of Trapped Mosquitos


-Constant on/or Auto Sensor setting
-Large 12" Cast Iron weather proof
-Covers upto 1/2 acre

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