What's hiding in the shadows?

Night Camera

"Mount your New NightWatch Cam on a tree, the side of your house, or on a pole! Works during the day, but the real power is its "night vision" low lux feature!"

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  • Instant LIVE audio and video
  • 60 foot cord
  • Works Right Out of the Box
  • Sets Up in Minutes
  • Hands-free operation

The NightWatch Surveillance Cam is an amazing new black and white video camera that features an amazing .5 lux "night vision" ability! Now you can see what's moving in the dark! Watch people sneaking around, wild animals, or capture people interacting in low-light conditions.

The NightWatch Surveillance Cam can be easily placed in a tree to monitor your back yard, front yard, side of house, etc.  Simply turn on your TV and watch what's going on in the dark*. 

This ingenious product is weather resistant and comes with an amazing super long 60 ft. cord that contains both video and power cables. It plugs right into your TV or VCR or USB Converter. The end result is awesome sharp video and crisp audio.

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xcam_a5.gif (9454 bytes)The NEW NightWatch Surveillance Cam is an extremely powerful black and white micro camera with built-in microphone, attached to an extremely long and durable 60 ft. cord.  Through the cable, LIVE video and audio is transmitted direct to your TV, VCR, or any other home electronic appliance with standard RCA inputs! It has a .5 lux rating (Illumination ability) which is over 5 times greater than most color cameras! This is truly amazing as it provides "night vision" power!  But the true beauty is the size! It is super small and very discreet. The camera can easily be hung in a planter or placed in a tree and adjusted to monitor your back yard, front yard, side of house, etc.  Simply turn on your TV and watch what's going on in the dark*.

*Seeing in the dark is based on the .5 Lux feature of this camera. The camera does require low-light to be able to view live video. Lux is the term used to describe how much light it takes to get a video image. Lux officially means the light of one candle. The lower the lux rating number the better the camera is able to shoot in low light with out any additional lighting.  This camera will not work in complete darkness.

Technical Information:  .5 lux - That's FIVE Times more powerful than the color cameras!

  • Imager CMOS Sensor
  • Format 1/3"
  • Array Size NTSC - 320  240 pixels
  • Resolution 310 TV Lines
  • Scanning 2:1 Interlace
  • Auto Shutter 1/50 to 1/6,000 sec.
  • Minimum Illumination 0.5 lux (f1.4)
  • Operating Temperature -10C to 55C
  • Humidity Limits 0 - 95% Humidity
  • Field of view: 38.5 degre

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