One Wire Car Alarm


This is the best Do-it-yourself Alarm we could find. Affordable, easy to install, and packed with features.

Check out these features:

Smallest Full Feature Alarm that fits Virtually any car.

Two remotes.

Two wire 10 Minute installation

Totally self-contained One piece with built in 118db siren

Save 5-23% on auto insurance

Remote control dual stage shock sensor

Special situation decrease or shut off of shock sensor.

Remote programmable current sensor

Chirp confirmation for arming/disarming and when violation has occurred

Full time instant panic

Automatic rearm after violation has stopped

During a violation or panic alarm any of the four remote buttons will shut off alarm

Scan deterrent

Code learning


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Portable Car Alarm

Raxus Portable Car Alarm

Portable car alarm requires no installation, yet provides complete protection for your automobile. You simply hang the alarm over the driver’s side window and plug the adapter into your cigarette lighter. A powerful alarm will sound outside the car if the car is moved, a window is broken, or a door is opened.

The alarm is highly visible making it a great deterrent. Arms and disarms by remote control. The remote also has a panic feature for additional personal security. May be powered by the cigarette lighter adapter (included) or six “AA” batteries (not included).

Easily moved from car to car.


-Portable vehicle security
-Shock/impact sensor
-Vehicle motion sensor
-Glass-break sensor
-Current sensor
-Includes remote
-Powered by batteries or can be hooked up to cigarette
-light adaptor

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Fake Car Alarm

Imitation auto security system, looks real. Two bright flashing LEDs deter would be car theives.

*The bright flashing LED lights simulate the lights used in expensive alarm systems.

*Causes thieves to pass by your car in search of an easier target

*No installation required, Self adhesive - wireless. Uses 2 AAA batteries, not included.

*Includes two alarm warning decals

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